Whistleblower Service

It is possible to use the whistleblower system to draw attention to illegal or criticizable conditions relating to the Accident Investigation Board (AIB).

When submitting a report, you are protected by the Whistleblower Act if you have reason to believe that the reported information is correct and that the information is about violations or matters covered by the Act.

You can read more in the Ministry of Justice's Guide for whistleblowers (in Danish only) - click here.

The report is made via a digital whistleblower portal. You will find the link at the bottom of this page.

Who can send information as a whistleblower?

This means that the system can be used by people such as:

  • people employed by the AIB.
  • people who have previously been employed by the AIB.
  • people who are not yet employed by the AIB, but who has been assessed during the recruitment process.
  • partners with whom the AIB has a continuous and formalized collaboration, including suppliers.
  • people who are paid or unpaid trainees at the AIB.

Persons not mentioned above cannot report to the whistleblower scheme.
Reports from persons not mentioned above will in principle be rejected.

What conditions are covered by the whistleblower system?

You can contact us with reports regarding:

  • Economic crime: Fraud, embezzlement, forgery, accounting manipulation.
  • Corporate governance: Bribery, distortion of competition, unethical donations, unethical behavior, etc.
  • Environment: Significant breaches of environmental regulations and pollution of the environment.
  • Work environment and safety: Violation of work environment conditions and breach of work safety.
  • Cybercrime including data fraud.
  • Other: Serious harassment, including of a sexual nature, violation of laws and internally established rules.

You can contact the AIB with reasonable suspicion, actual or potential violations that have taken place or likely will take place in the AIB, as well as attempts to conceal such violations. If you are in doubt about whether your report is covered by the whistleblower system, please refer to the previously mentioned instructions.

Contact options:
The AIB has a digital whistleblower portal, which must be used to report whistleblowing.
Be careful not to include your name, address, phone number or upload files that can identify you if you wish to remain anonymous.

You can use the whistleblower portal by following the link below.