For the sake of the investigation process and with reference to the EC regulation no. 996/2010 and the valid Danish legislation, any person involved who has knowledge of the occurrence of an accident or serious incident within Danish territory shall notify without delay the AIB.

The AIB duty officer may be contacted by phone:: +45 33 14 70 80

If the initial contact fails

If it is not possible to contact the AIB duty officer - since the duty officer might be occupied by other phone calls - you may contact the Area Control Center at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup: +45 32 48 19 00.

Please inform the supervisior of your name, phone number, and the purpose of your call. The supervisor will forward your request to the AIB.

Report forms

Following a phone call to the AIB duty officer and within eight days, a written report shall be submitted to the AIB.

Electronic report forms are available at this hyperlink.


Definitions and examples of accidents or seripos incidents are available in the EC regulation no. 996/2010.

If you have doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the AIB.


Accidents or serious incidents to parachutes, kites, paragliders, and paratrikes.are not within the work scope of the AIB.

Accident or serious incidents involving EU Regulation 2018/1139 annex 1 aircraft (=minor/no injuries and/or damage to aircraft) are not within the work scope of the AIB.