We focus on your safety and confidence

We are all dependant on transportation. We are so dependant that we hardly think about it. We must not jeopardise that safety and confidence. And that is precisely the foundation of our work at the Accident Investigation Board.

The safest modes of transport

Today, transport by aircraft or by train is the safest mode of transport, which is not least caused by not only our own learning experiences but by learning experiences within an international network.

We, at the Accident Investigation Board, are actually not that sad, if you do not know us. But unfortunately, accidents and incidents do occur within the aviation and the railway sectors. Our task is to learn from each single occurrence in order to prevent reoccurrences. So saying, we work every day to increase your safety and confidence


How do we prevent accidents and incidents in the future? The answer is impartial and systemic investigations.

The Accident Investigation Board is independent of all concerned within the transportation sector. For that reason, we are able to do completely objective investigations.


The sole purpose of our investigations is to prevent future accidents and incidents. We look into the past to see the future, we analyse, and we conclude and forward our investigation results in order to make the aviation and the railway sector even safer that they are today.

Neither blame nor liability

The way to promote safety is to identify causes and not to apportion blame or liability. Our work is about what, why, how - and not about who.

Open and confident dialogue

At any time, the Accident Investigation Board seeks to create common results through an open and confident dialogue with all concerned.

Make a difference

The Accident Investigation Board - makes the difference.