Safety investigation results

Since 1979, the Accident Investigation Board (AIB) - Aviation and Railway (before 2004 - the Accident Investigation Board - civil aviation) has been responsible for conducting safety investigations of accidents and serious incidents.


Since 1999, the AIB investigation results within the aviation sector have been made and archived in an electronic format.

These documents are available in a PDF format at Investigation results.

Safety investigations results in the timeperiod 1979-1999

Safety investigation results published before 1999 are not available in an electronic format, but if needed, the AIB might be able to assist you.

At contact to the AIB, please be in the possession of the following information:

  • Aircraft type
  • Registration
  • Date of occurrence
  • Location of occurrence

Safety investigation results before 1979

For safety investigation results before 1979, please contact the the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.