Annual operating reviews

For each year, the annual operating reviews of the Accident investigation Board (AIB) contain reviews of activities, goals and economic conditions, including the AIB accounts and the fulfilment of the performance contract.

For format of the Annual operating reviews follow the outlines in the Ministry of Finans' cirkular 9708 dated 21 December 2004.

From 2012, the Annual operating reviews substituted Annual Reports.

Annual Reports before 2012 is listed under the tap Annual Reports.

The below linked operating reviews are in Danish only.

Årsrapport 2021

Årsrapport 2020

Årsrapport 2019

Årsrapport 2018

Årsrapport 2017

Årsrapport 2016

Årsrapport 2015

Årsrapport 2014

Årsrapport 2013

Årsrapport 2012

Årsrapport 2011

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Årsrapport 2005