Welcome to the Whistleblower Service of the AIB Denmark. Feel free to use the service to report incidents involving illegal or unacceptable circumstances regarding the AIB Denmark.

Whistleblower Service

The service applies for users of, suppliers to, contractors or other parties working for the AIB Denmark as well as for employees of the AIB Denmark. 

You can register:

  • Financial crimes; fraud, embezzlement, falsification of documents, account related manipulation.
  • Corporate governance; bribery, distortion of competition, unethical donations, unethical conduct etc. 
  • Environmental aspects; substantial violation of environmental regulations and pollution of the environment.
  • Work environment and safety; violation of safety and health issues and occupational safety in general.
  • Other; harassment, including sexual harassment, violation of regulations and internally stipulated rules and regulations.

Open the Whistleblower Service.