It is possible to use the whistleblower system to draw attention to illegal or criticizable conditions relating to the AIB.

Due to the size of the commission, there is no requirement for a whistleblower system. However, the AIB has chosen to provide the opportunity for inquiries.

Who can send information as a whistleblower?

As a state organization, the AIB follows the previously applicable guidelines for the whistleblower system for the state.

This means that the system can be used by people such as:

• People working in the authority

• People who have previously worked in the authority

• People who have not yet been employed by the authority, but who have been in the process of being hired

• Partners with whom the authority has a continuous and formalized collaboration, including suppliers.

The whistleblower system is also available to the general public. It is important to be aware that members of the general public will not be protected by the law of Whistleblower.

Which conditions are covered by the whistleblower system?

You can contact us with reports regarding:

• Economic crime: Fraud, embezzlement, forgery, accounting manipulation.

• Corporate governance: Bribery, distortion of competition, unethical donations, unethical behavior, etc.

• Environment: Significant breaches of environmental regulations and pollution of the environment.

• Work environment and safety: Violation of work environment conditions and breach of work safety.

• Cybercrime including data fraud

• Other: Serious harassment, including of a sexual nature, violation of laws and internally established rules.

You can contact the AIB with reasonable suspicion, actual or potential violations that have taken place or will take place in the AIB, as well as attempts to conceal such violations.

Contact options:

Since there is no requirement for an actual whistleblower system, there will be no reporting channel. However, the AIB will maintain anonymity and confidentiality for a trusted unit. The AIB will always comply with current GDPR rules for the storage and processing of personal data. You have two options on which you can contact the AIB.

• You may send us an email at .

• You may send an anonymous letter.