Railway safety investigation results

  • Accident in level crossing 127 in Tønder on 2-8-2021

    Published 23-06-2022
    2021-255 Ulykke/Accident Jernbaneoverkørsel/Level crossing 2021

    A car collided with a train in a level crossing with active barriers.

  • Serius accident in level crossing 63 between Funder and Silkeborg on 29-6-2021

    Published 21-06-2022
    2021-211 Alvorlig ulykke/Serious accident Jernbaneoverkørsel/Level crossing Funder 2021

    A car collided with a train in a level crossing with a active interlocking system

  • Serious accident in level crossing 52 between Tornby and Hirtshals on 14-7-2021

    Published 02-06-2022
    2021-246 Alvorlig ulykke/Serious accident Jernbaneoverkørsel/Level crossing Hirtshals 2021

    A car collided with a train on a level crossing which was under repair.

  • Accident near Skive on 16-10-2021

    Published 26-01-2022
    2021-353 Ulykke/Accident Personpåkørsel/Accidents to persons Skive 2021

    A person apparently taking a shortcut over the railway tracks on an early Saturday morning was hit by train 5401 short before it arrived at Skive station.

  • Incident at the Great Belt Bridge on 13-1-2021

    Published 13-01-2022
    2021-24 Hændelse/Incident Andet/Other Great Belt 2021

    A combination of insufficient holding force and strong crosswind led to an empty semi-trailer leaving its place on a pocket wagon with the consequent risk of falling off the train while driving on the ...

  • Accident at Jaegersborg Station on 1-9-2021

    Published 12-11-2021
    2021-294 Ulykke/Accident Personpåkørsel/Accidents to persons Jaegersborg 2021

    A person who fell into the track at Jægersborg Station shortly before the S-train arrived, was hit and died.

  • Accident at Oddesund Bridge on 3-10-2020

    Published 01-10-2021
    2020-335 Ulykke/Accident Kollision/Collision Oddesundbroen 2020

    While preparing to work on the Oddesund Bridge with a mobile elevating platform, the platform was moved over the rails that still was not closed for train operations. An oncoming train hit the platfor ...

  • Accident between Nordhavn and Svanemoellen stations on 3-7-2021

    Published 15-09-2021
    2021-222 Ulykke/Accident Personpåkørsel/Accidents to persons Nordhavn-Svanemøllen 2021

    A commuter train hit a person at the track between Nordhavn and Svanemoellen stations.

  • Incident at Ringsted Station on 16-3-2021

    Published 08-07-2021
    2021-99 Hændelse/Incident Andet/Other Ringsted 2021

    A parked locomotive with carriages inadvertently rolled into another track at Ringsted Station.

  • Incident at Mørkøv Station on 17-8-2020

    Published 30-06-2021
    2020-293 Hændelse/Incident Andet/Other Moerkoev 2020

    On 17-8-2020 a train passed a signal at danger at Mørkøv Station.