Aviation safety investigation results

  • Accident to OY-HPD near Billind (EKBI) on 1-6-2020

    Published 12-03-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-208 Motorfly/Aircraft Nordøst for Billund (EKBI) ved Nørskov 2020

    A delayed and/or insufficient flare in combination with a forward airspeed during an autorotation led to an accident.

  • Accident to OY-HXB at Hammer glider airfield (EKHM) on 14-6-2020

    Published 22-01-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-225 OY-HXB Svævefly/Glider Hammer Svæveflyveplads (EKHM) 2020

    During a winch launch, the glider bounced and rolled 60° to the left before colliding with the runway.

  • Accident to OY-KXF at Gested Svæveflyveplads on 7-6-2020

    Published 14-01-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-218 OY-KXF Svævefly/Glider Gested Svæveflyveplads 2020

    Full deployment of the airbrakes at low altitude, during a winch start, caused the glider to hit the ground in a steep angle.

  • Accident to D-EQCA near Fur (EKFU) on 30-8-2020

    Published 11-01-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-307 D-EQCA Motorfly/Aircraft Fur (EKFU) 2020

    A required take-off distance longer that the available take-off distance led to the aircraft collision with nearby trees and the accident.

  • Accident to OY-XJL at True Svæveflyvebane on 19-5-2020

    Published 17-12-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-195 OY-XJL Svævefly/Glider True Svæveflyvebane 2020

    The local wind conditions most likely affected the handling of the glider during the final approach. As a consequence, the glider crashed at the beginning of the runway.

  • Accident to OY-PKX at Kalundborg (EKKL) on 2-7-2020

    Published 11-12-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-255 OY-PKX Svævefly/Glider Kalundborg (EKKL) 2020

    During landing, the left vingtip of the glider hit a parked aircraft, and the glider crashed.

  • Serious incident to OY-JBF 5 nm north-east of Roskilde (EKRK) on 19-10-2020

    Published 23-11-2020
    Alvorlig hændelse/serious incident 2020-344 OY-JBF Motorfly/Aircraft Rosklide (EKRK) 2020

    During climb and upon activation of the heating system, the pilots experienced white smoke in the cabin.

  • Accident to OY-XPF at Bad Gandersheim (EDVA) on 13-7-2020

    Published 17-11-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-265 OY-XPF Svævefly/Glider Bad Gandersheim, Tyskland (EDVA) 2020

    During a winch launch, the left wing touched the runway and the glider crashed.

  • Accident to OY-BLB at taxiway E Roskilde (EKRK) on 2-12-2019

    Published 04-11-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-536 OY-BLB Motorfly/Aircraft Roskilde (EKRK) - taxiway E 2019

    During taxing to runway in use, the aircraft right wing collided with a parked van. The collision occured in darkness at the hangar area in Roskilde Airport.

  • Accident to D-KGJM at Herning/Skinderholm (EKHG) on 24-8-2019

    Published 16-10-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-355 D-KGJM Svævefly/Glider Herning (EKHG) 2019

    During a self-start the glider picked up the winch wire. After the glider became airborne, the pilot was unable to maintain airspeed and altitude, and the glider crashed east of the airfield. Bulleti ...