Aviation safety investigation results

  • Accident to D-KGJM at Herning/Skinderholm (EKHG) on 24-8-2019

    Published 16-10-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-355 D-KGJM Svævefly/Glider Herning (EKHG) 2019

    During a winch start the glider picked up the winch wire. After the glider became airborne, the pilot was unable to maintain airspeed and altitude, and the glider crashed east of the airfield. Bullet ...

  • Final statement regarding accident to Airbus A380 overhead Greenland on 30-9-2017

    Published 01-10-2020
    Havari/accident 2017-17 F-HPJE Motorfly/Aircraft Greenland 2017

    The BEA has published the final safety investigation report concerning the safety investigation of the accident to an Airbus A380 overhead Greenland on 30-9-2017.

  • Serious incident to OY-TOF at Endelave on 20-07-2020

    Published 15-09-2020
    Alvorlig hændelse/serious incident 2020-268 OY-TOF Motorfly/Aircraft Endelave 2020

    On approach to EKEL runway 29, the pilot was blinded by the sun and landed short of the runway.

  • Accident to OY-XDB at Bolhede glider airfield on 11-7-2020

    Published 11-09-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-263 OY-XDB Svævefly/Glider Bolhede 2020

    On final approach, the glider collided with a shelterbelt in front of the landing threshold.

  • Accident with OY-NOI near Åbenrå on 02-09-2017

    Published 27-08-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-206 OY-NOI Ballon/Balloon Åbenrå 2017

    During landing in the field, the ballon came into the air several times and ended up in a tree.

  • Accident to OY-ZWX in Kalundborg (EKKL) on 27-6-2020

    Published 06-08-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-248 OY-ZWX Svævefly/Glider Kalundborg (EKKL) 2020

    During an aerotowed takeoff, the glider hit the ground hard.

  • Accident to OY-DNK in Randers (EKRD) on 25-4-2020

    Published 29-06-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-161 OY-DNK Motorfly/Aircraft Randers (EKRD) 2020

    Loss of directional control during the take-off roll led to a runway excursion and a landing gear collapse in the runway safety zone.

  • Accident to D-CAWM at Aarhus (EKAH) on 5-8-2019

    Published 10-06-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-327 D-CAWM Motorfly/Aircraft Aarhus / EKAH 2019

    On final approach for runway 10R, deviations from standard operating procedures led to aircraft collision with the localizer antenna mast system for runway 28L.

  • Image of the plane's route. Read more about the route in the PDF in this article.

    Accident with OY-XOL at Tølløse Glider Field on 28-7-2019

    Published 07-05-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-317 OY-XOL Svævefly/Glider Tøllløse Airfield 2019

    Following an aborted take-off the pilot attempted to bring the glider back for landing at the runway. During the final turn towards the runway, the left wing stalled, and the glider entered a spin fro ...

  • Accident to OY-KBX at Goerloese (EKGL) on 21-9-2019

    Published 05-05-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-419 OY-KBX Svævefly/Glider Goerloese (EKGL) 2019

    After disconnecting from the tow aircraft, the pilot deployed the speed brakes and felt the curtains close (disillusioned). The glider crashed approximately 240 m short of Gørløse (EKGL) runway 28 thr ...