• Accident to OY-HPD near Billind (EKBI) on 1-6-2020

    Published 12-03-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-208 Motorfly/Aircraft Nordøst for Billund (EKBI) ved Nørskov 2020

    A delayed and/or insufficient flare in combination with a forward airspeed during an autorotation led to an accident.

  • Accident to OY-HXB at Hammer glider airfield (EKHM) on 14-6-2020

    Published 22-01-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-225 OY-HXB Svævefly/Glider Hammer Svæveflyveplads (EKHM) 2020

    During a winch launch, the glider bounced and rolled 60° to the left before colliding with the runway.

  • Accident to OY-KXF at Gested Svæveflyveplads on 7-6-2020

    Published 14-01-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-218 OY-KXF Svævefly/Glider Gested Svæveflyveplads 2020

    Full deployment of the airbrakes at low altitude, during a winch start, caused the glider to hit the ground in a steep angle.

  • Accident to D-EQCA near Fur (EKFU) on 30-8-2020

    Published 11-01-2021
    Havari/accident 2020-307 D-EQCA Motorfly/Aircraft Fur (EKFU) 2020

    A required take-off distance longer that the available take-off distance led to the aircraft collision with nearby trees and the accident.