• Accident to OY-DNK in Randers (EKRD) on 25-4-2020

    Published 29-06-2020
    Havari/accident 2020-161 OY-DNK Motorfly/Aircraft Randers (EKRD) 2020

    Loss of directional control during the take-off roll led to a runway excursion and a landing gear collapse in the runway safety zone.

  • Accident to D-CAWM at Aarhus (EKAH) on 5-8-2019

    Published 10-06-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-327 D-CAWM Motorfly/Aircraft Aarhus / EKAH 2019

    On final approach for runway 10R, deviations from standard operating procedures led to aircraft collision with the localizer antenna mast system for runway 28L.

  • Accident with OY-XOL at Tølløse Glider Field on 28-7-2019

    Published 07-05-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-317 OY-XOL Svævefly/Glider Tøllløse Airfield 2019

    Following an aborted take-off the pilot attempted to bring the glider back for landing at the runway. During the final turn towards the runway, the left wing stalled, and the glider entered a spin fro ...

  • Accident to OY-KBX at Goerloese (EKGL) on 21-9-2019

    Published 05-05-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-419 OY-KBX Svævefly/Glider Goerloese (EKGL) 2019

    After disconnecting from the tow aircraft, the pilot deployed the speed brakes and felt the curtains close (disillusioned). The glider crashed approximately 240 m short of Gørløse (EKGL) runway 28 thr ...

  • Serious incident to N830CD and OY-BRP at Kolding/Vamdrup on 17-7-2019

    Published 29-04-2020
    Alvorlig hændelse/serious incident 2019-310 OY-BRP Motorfly/Aircraft Kolding/Vamdrup (EKVD) 2019

    On approach to Vamdrup (EKVD), two aircraft flew on conflicting opposite tracks at approximately same altitude leading to a risk of collision.

  • Accident to OY-XXL at Arnborg on 1-6-2019

    Published 04-03-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-235 OY-XXL Svævefly/Glider Arnborg 2019

    During landing, approximately 5 meters above the runway, the flap handle released from a positive flap position and moved to a negative flap position.

  • Accident to OY-XDL at Kongsted on 18-10-2019

    Published 11-02-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-466 OY-XDL Svævefly/Glider Kongsted (EKKS) 2019

    During the landing roll on runway 07, the left wing of the glider collided with the rudder of a parked glider.

  • Serious incident to OY-HHV in Esbjerg on 23-2-2019

    Published 29-01-2020
    Alvorlig hændelse/serious incident 2019-71 OY-HHV Helikopter/Rotorcraft Esbjerg (EKEB) 2019

    During the start-up sequence of engine no. 2, a breaker bar and a socket ejected from the MR head, and the breaker bar penetrated the leading edge of a moving rotor blade.

  • Accident to OY-HGT in Greenland on 24-6-2019

    Published 13-01-2020
    Havari/accident 2019-283 OY-HGT Helikopter/Rotorcraft Greenland 2019

    During a sling operation, the loss of pilot external visual cues led to pilot spatial disorientation and partly loss of control of the helicopter.