• Accident to OY-SIG in Herning (EKHG) on 24.8.2019 (in Danish only)

    Published 11-10-2019
    Havari/accident 2019-356 OY-SIG Motorfly/Aircraft Herning (EKHG) 2019

    During the landing roll on runway 09, the aircraft started veering to the right, and the pilot lost directional control.

  • Accident to OY-RBG near Bornholm (EKRN) on 7-6-2019 (in Danish only)

    Published 30-09-2019
    Havari/accident 2019-250 OY-RBG Motorfly/Aircraft Bornholm (EKRN) 2019

    During an ILS approach to runway 29, the aircraft descended below the glide path and the decision altitude. The aircraft collided with trees.

  • Serious incident to OY-GRJ at Nuuk (BGGH) on 30-5-2019

    Published 26-09-2019
    Alvorlig hændelse/serious incident 2019-234 OY-GRJ Motorfly/Aircraft Nuuk (BGGH) 2019

    The serious incident occurred during the take-off roll on runway 05 in Nuuk (BGGH). The actual loading of the aircraft beyond forward CG operational limitations reduced the aircraft rotation ability d ...

  • Preliminary report on the accident to D-CAWM on 5-8-2019 in Aarhus (EKAH)

    Published 05-09-2019
    Havari/accident 2019-327 D-CAWM Motorfly/Aircraft Aarhus / EKAH 2019

    On short final to runway 10R, the aircraft collided with the antenna mast system of the localizer to runway 28L (in English only).

  • Serious incident to OY-RUR (ATR72-201) in Copenhagen (EKCH) on 21-2-2019

    Published 04-07-2019
    Alvorlig hændelse/serious incident 2019-69 OY-RUR Motorfly/Aircraft Copenhagen / Kastrup (EKCH) 2019

    The serious incident flight was an IFR scheduled domestic flight from Copenhagen (EKCH) to Karup (EKKA). Shortly after and approaching approximately 1000 feet msl, the flight crew sensed a chemical or ...

  • Accident to OY-CLH at Grenaa d. 3-5-2019

    Published 03-07-2019
    Havari/accident 2019-191 OY-CLH Motorfly/Aircraft Grenaa 2019

    The aircraft took off in crosswind conditions significantly above the aircraft crosswind limitation of 16 knots leading to loss of control at low altitude. Bulletin in Danish only.

  • Accident to SE-RKA in Billund (EKBI) on 8-2-2019

    Published 27-06-2019
    Havari/accident 2019-57 SE-RKA Motorfly/Aircraft Billund (EKBI) 2019

    The aircraft made a hard landing, a bounce, and a second hard landing resulting in a tailstrike.

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