Mission and vision

aircraft by a gate

Via the mission and vision of the Accident Investigation Board, we want to tell the world why we act like we do and what we want to secure and develop in the future of the AIB.

The mission expresses the fundamentals of the AIB's work. The vision represents the elements that are important for the basic existence of the AIB and the relations to both internal and external partners.

The mission

Through independent investigations, the AIB submitsrecommendations in order to prevent accidents and incidents within the aviation and railway sectors.

The vision

We want to develop and continue

  • providing investigation results of a high professional quality within a time frame that makes significant results in the process of preventing reoccurrences. 
  • ensuring that our role is objective and impartial, and never questions our integrity.
  • making our commission attractive - as a workplace and as a part of a larger context.